Donations and Fundraising

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Young Seeds Foundation is a small, volunteer-run charity, which receives no formal funding. We rely on the generosity of sponsors and one-off donors, and occasional fundraising events. We are very grateful for all donations and sponsorships received.

100% of sponsor money goes toward the educational expenses of the children sponsored by Young Seeds. Young Seeds Committee members are volunteers who receive no gifts or payment for their time. Young Seeds does, however, pay wages for our two in-country coordinators, and also cover the cost of food for the children whilst on school holidays, and to assist in the transportation of some children during school holidays.

One-off donations and fundraisers assist Young Seeds to pay for projects and expenses such as those listed above. In the past, fundraising efforts have also been used to fund the construction and maintenance of a two-room house which some of the children are able to live in whilst on school holidays. This income also assists in funding other projects and incidental costs associated with assisting the children to complete their education, as well as registration fees, telephone costs, and the provision of communication supplies that facilitate communication between Young Seeds, our in-country coordinators, and the children and families supported by Young Seeds. Most recently this included the repair of the laptop and phone utilised by one of our in-country coordinators in Uganda.

Without the assistance and support of our generous donors, these basic but important expenses could not be met.

How to Donate ?

Direct transfers can be made to the Young Seeds Foundation Account : –

BSB: 067101
Acct No: 1058 8382

All donations are tax-deductible thanks to our partnership with Global Development Group.