Star Education Centre, Bweyale

The Young Seeds Foundation has established a wonderful relationship with Star Education Centre in Bweyale, Uganda. Star Education Centre is a primary boarding school where our children first attend on leaving South Sudan. Star has an excellent educational record as well as winning many national trophies in the creative arts (dance/music).

We are very confident of the care taken of the children at Star and have very regular contact with the Director and the Principal.

Bakhita Primary School

Bakhita Primary School is a non-boarding school based in Kiryandongo Refugee Camp in Bweyale, Uganda. We currently have three children attending this local school.

Panyadoli Secondary School

Panyadoli Secondary School is a boarding school for the older children to attend in Kiryandongo Refugee Camp, also in Bweyale. There are currently seven Young Seeds sponsored children enrolled in secondary school at Panyadoli.